Honor in Office


All walks of life (from the far left and right to those in between) are supporting this non-partisan measure requiring our stae legislators to read the bill before voting in favor of it, to swear they haven't traded votes and to strive to use common sense in passing laws.

Ted Baehr

Jerrol, Honor In Office is a common sense, practical, intelligent answer to the lack of oversight and lack of integrity in the legislative process. You are to be commended for this sensible approach and supported by every right thinking person. Thank you so much for making a difference!
Ted Baehr, publisher of www.movieguide.org

Daniel McGinley

So it's come to this, Jerrol? They don't even READ the bills? Good God, man! You've done a brilliant thing here, to start with an obvious flaw, and push the very basics we have left behind. My hero Teddy Roosevelt would kick serious butt today, for this slovenly behavior. I fully support and endorse your efforts to bring honor back to office, or the original ideal to strive for honor. If I ever find a job again (another victim, eh), or the book I'm pitching on YouTube sells, I will send a contribution. Good luck my friend, Ill pass the word!

Ron Barenburg

It's certainly appropriate on this 4th of July to commend your efforts on behalf of the US American people. It IS time we held our lawmakers responsible to the wishes of their constituents. I heartily endorse your efforts!

Kelly Reno

I endorse the Honor in Office Act. It is critical that our legislators read and understand the bills that they are passing. By requiring our legislators to produce written attestation when voting, we are taking giant steps toward pure and unbiased legislative system. This act will help to keep California clean.

Rhonda Lord

This simple and straightforward initiative is the very catalyst we need. It provides a way for honest legislators to stand up to the bullying tactics of the dishonest. Honor in Office has my endorsement.

Donna Lisa

The Honor in Office committee is doing very important work for California and, ultimately, for the entire nation. We entrust our elected officials to cast informed votes on our behalf. Asking for accountability in this process makes absolute sense!

Richard Oshen

This is not a partisan issue. This is an American issue. We must take money out of the equation and restore the American tradition of Honor in Office. The sooner the better for all Americans.

Chris Cookson

The Honor in the Office Act is simple and necessary. It's actually shocking to think how our politicians don't research the impact of their votes, signatures, and actions. It's time the people took back the government and demanded more of our elected officials. We can only hope that this measure reaches beyond CA to the entire country.

Valerie A. Ferrante

I believe this is how the mortgage crisis developed. Contracts were signed without understanding or even reading them. As each family faced foreclosure it became evident that was a crucial mistake and changed their lives drastically. . Laws or bills that are passed without reading or understanding them effect millions. It is ludicrous the issue even needs to be addressed but shamefully it does.

Kent Welton

Much needed legislation. Thanks for your effort. I strongly support the proposal. Kent Welton, TheCenterForBalance.org

John Gorski

I support this effort to retain control of our government, an the effort to continue the fact that our elected officials work for us.

John Porter

I endorse your proposal (and I thank you for all the thought and work you have given to the proposal). I don't have a website or a newsletter, but I certainly will tell friends, acquaintances, and co-workers about Honor in Office, and I'll encourage them to support the proposal, too.

John Ellis

As an "average Joe" myself, I completely agree that more common sense and ethics need to exist in our elected officials. Honor in Office is a great way of insuring that the people representing us -- guiding us -- do so with honor and integrity, both personally and politically. I'm happy to add my name to this role.

Jared Wynn

I'm happy to be a citizen of this state, but I pay what I think are extraordinarily high taxes, and I'm concerned with how some of these tax dollars are spent. Whenever I read about an initiative or new law that gets passed, I wonder what, if any research was actually conducted to support the new law. I wonder if those votes were bought by special interest groups, or if they actually represent the wishes of a democratic majority. I wonder how many millions or billions of tax dollars are spent on measures and initiatives that don't even have their desired effect. In fact, I wonder if my elected representatives even read the laws they pass, or if their votes are just traded. This is such a simple measure, requiring politicians to assert that they read and understand the law for which they're voting. I think it will encourage politicians to consider their votes more carefully. I think it will help them become more accountable for their actions in office. And as such, I wholly endorse the Honor in Office Act.

John Pender

I agree it's time to stop out of control politicians. Although I don't live in California (Washington State), I'm politically attuned to issues both state and national. California's politics often affect us in the Northwest, so I'm paying attention. If California goes belly-up, the fallout will surely drift north.

Michael Pressel

I learned about this effort from DownsizeDC.org and I truly hope this idea can be put into law both in California (under the Honor In Office Act) and in DC (under the Read The Bills Act) as well.

Julie Austin

It seems that even the politicians who mean well get sucked into the Washington cesspool once they get there. Does "No taxation without representation" mean anything anymore? Is it really asking too much to ask that they at least READ what they sign? Thanks for shining a light on this subject. America needs to wake up!

Todd Niemi

I looked over the Honor In Office home page, and I have to say, that's one of the most worthwhile causes I've seen in a long, long time. Kudos to you for starting it. I hope it becomes very influential and effective.

Vibert Greene

Thanks for your efforts to put the people of California first and foremost above the special interests of politicians. I think the measure is a good one for the people of California to vote on.

Lorien Prince

I just learned of your organization and your efforts in California to require legislators to sign an affidavit that affirms, under penalty of perjury, that they have read and understand a bill prior to voting for it. While this may be common sense and an honorable practice of politicians early in the history of our country, such integrity simply does not exist in our present political representatives. Sadly, it becomes necessary to legislate integrity, inasmuch as is possible to do so, to force our elected representatives to honorably do their job. (Whoa! Is Honorable Politician an oxymoron? LOL) I highly endorse your efforts and hope to see them adopted in all of the 50 states, and most importantly, in the US Congress as well. Keep up the good work!

Doug Castell

I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that I have read The Honor in Office Act in its entirety and understand its contents. I wholeheartedly agree with and endorse the sentiments expressed within. I look forward to a time when our elected representatives actually read and understand things like the Patriot Act, the DMCA, the Bailout Plan, etc. before signing them into law.

Bob Pace

I have felt strongly for many years that politicians need to be accountable for their actions. Everyone else is. I know I am. I feel this is a very simple and very effective way to start moving in that direction. It seems almost too simple to ask to have a person who votes on something read and UNDERSTAND what they vote on. Please make this move and at least start moving in the direction of accountability. Bob Pace, Owner of Commercial Real Estate Inspectors.

Beth Marchese

I believe a grassroots movement like Honor in Office is long overdue. Most of our politicians would probably not buy a car without doing some investigation and making sure they were going to get what was promised to them. Yet they sign bills, willy-nilly, on someone else's say-so or because it's what "everyone" in the party is doing. And these are actions that affect millions of Americans. Time for responsibility and common sense in government!

Michael Lewis

It definitely has my endorsement. This seems like one of those laws, like the Law of Gravity, that really is so self-evident and obvious that you'd think, "Why go through the paperwork to even pass it officially and enforce it? Only a ninny would try to oppose the Law of Gravity, right?" Well, in order to perform their jobs, doctors know they need to read their texts, cooks need to read their recipe books, ministers need to read their Bibles. So what kind of people in what kind of profession would actually need a law in the books actually telling them to actually do what is expected of them?? Well, apparently politicians!

Pat Rowe

This measure will go a long way toward re-instilling the Honor and Integrity that is sorely missing today in Sacramento. Politics, it seems, has slipped from the Age of Reason to the Age of Treason, where allegiance and support to the biggest Vested Interests (Corporations, Industrial Organizations and other profiteers) has far overshadowed that nominal Oath of Representation for the lowly Populace. Perhaps with this LEGAL requirement that they actually KNOW and "stand behind" every Bill that they pass, our elected bureaucrats in the state capitol will have a resurgence in their Ethical and Moral values and begin to look out for their Constituents for a change. Like the similar Federal Bill (Read the Bills Act, sponsored by DownsizeDC.org), I wholeheartedly endorse this proposal. Patrick Rowe, Owner and President, Cabletech, Los Angeles, California

Dave Caccavella

I am happy to endorse Honor in Office Act. As a democracy, we must act to improve the standards to which we hold our politicians and our government in general. The Honor in Office Act does this in the most basic way possible and is worthy of all of the support that we can lend to it. Dave Caccavella, MagicPress Printing & Mailing.

Eva Suzuki

I lived in Sacramento in the 80's, the Reagan era. I had friends who were in the political arena, friends who were journalists for the local newspapers, and then there were my liberal Friends of the River group. All good people. However, you are absolutely correct. Business - whether conservative or liberal - is run on the idea of "What have you done for me lately?" and "If you want this, then I need that." Bravo for taking this on and very possibly changing the nature of how politics operates and thereby helping us all -conservatives, liberals or in-between.

John McQuilling

It seems to me that the least we can ask of our legislators is that they read (and understand) the bills they are voting on. The practice of pushing through bills no one has time to read is like driving with a blindfold on. How do they know what they are approving? I want leaders who understand what they are doing, not cattle following the steer with the bell. This bill is a first step in getting our elected officials to take responsibility.

Enrique Espinosa

As a businessman and concerned American, I gladly endorse this measure to ensure greater responsibility from our elected officials. It is my belief that as a bare minimum in the fulfillment of their duty as representatives of the people, our officials should read and fully understand any measure they are voting on. To do otherwise is extreme negligence and should be cause for resignation from office.

Bill Khan

I had no idea that our politicians were passing bills without reading them. That is so insane. Even a 5 year old kid will tell you it's wrong. I wholeheartedly support this measure to return some sanity in this field, by getting our politicians to read and understand before signing anything, no matter how long it takes to do so. Doing otherwise is no solution to the time it takes to do the job we pay them to do. In any other industry they would be fired for not doing their jobs. Bill Khan, Director of Research & Development, General Airfoil Dynamics

Carolyn Holt

I DEFINITELY think the lawmakers should read the bills before voting on them - it seems inconceivable, doesn't it? - that they wouldn't do this!!! How can they look us in the eye and say "I"m doing what I can to follow your wishes"????? Eee gad, it's ridiculous to even have to do a whole petition thing about this!!!

Mario Domina

Upon review of your website and this proposed grassroots movement to have government officials be accountable, I believe the Honor in Office Act is an this excellent initiative and much needed to take hold of the rampant discourse surrounding our state and the rest of our country; as such, I am in full support of your efforts and hereby give my endorsement. I agree that more of our legislators need to be available to do their job, to actually understand and read what they sign before passing a bill. They should not fold to special interest groups and when you look at the number of bills being passed today with no forethought or those that really meet the needs of the people it's distressing to see some of the most important programs for education and healthcare are being slashed and watching a budget out of control. Everyone should be held accountable in life; especially those in office entrusted and being paid to oversee our welfare. This should be priority one and I believe the Honor in Office Act provides that necessary foundation, so I would love to see it enacted in all the US states and happy to join in this cause.

Eric Sherman

I have had the good fortune to know Jerrol LeBaron for more than 20 years. He not only has been a regular source of good quality information about social and political issues, he is both progressive and conservative at the same time (the best definitions of the words). When Jerrol says something, I listen. His high integrity level cause me to back everything he endorses. Eric Sherman, Film Industry Consultant, Teacher/Author

Dan Shea

I just read it and I love it!! It is really great and I'd definitely vote in favor of it. That is very well written and should bring about a new era of honesty and integrity re what these guys vote for and do.

Gato Scatena

I am proud and excited to endorse Honor in Office. 2009 has been a wonderful year of positive change in the United States of America, and there is no better time to continue improving upon the standards to which we hold our politicians and our government's political processes. Honor in Office will be the committee to catalyze and focus these improvements. And the Honor in Office Act is a unique and subtle effort that will remind politicians of whom they are representing, while holding them accountable for the actions they make on the public's behalf. It is a great first step in the right direction.

Ted Kuepper

I'm afraid many of America's voters are just not informed enough to realize what's important to them. And niche controversies become overwhelmingly important to many, keeping them from making good decisions on other issues that affect them and their families every day of their lives. I don't know what all the answers are but this is a good start!

Joseph E. Swearengin

Surrounded by a generation to whom even the second World War is text book only; it is refreshing that one has asked to understand more clearly the functions of The United States Government and inquires of so very many for their knowledgeable responses. This initiative may be an awakening to the true value of what we as citizens of the U.S. of America possess. We need to invest wisely in this initiative to be sure we are being represented correctly. It is our freedom that may be jeopardized.

Harold Rody

I am a businessman living and working in southern California. I wholeheartedly endorse this amendment! It is a sad day that a bill like this needs to be written and put into law but I am tired of abiding by and paying for laws or programs that do not represent our community but instead satisfied some other politician's goal of fleecing the public. I just hope it's not too late!

Doris Gentry

Those we elect to office stand in the gap for us - we trust them to make informed decisions on any and all legislative matters. Their vote is important and we need to know they have both read and understood the actions they are taking - this is an important relationship and one I as a voter take very seriously - if my electeds read and comprehended every word of every legislative issue, I would sleep more peacefully at night - and more importantly - California would be spared a lot of useless, meaningless laws. Only the truly good laws and the radically important ones would get passed if every word had to be read and understood. I love the concept of this and the passion of Jerrol in drafting this document for the people of California. 2008 Candidate AD 7

Chris Savage

I hereby endorse The Honor In Office Act as proposed by Jerrol LeBarron. This is an important measure and I want to see it enacted.

M.C. Cain

With each day our country seems to be turning towards Marxism faster than you can say 'Groucho'. Therefore it's time to get involved now or forever rue having any peace of mind, body, or even the soul. This is no game show, for the stakes are way too high to duck. Say the secret word HONORINOFFICE.org and you, too, can help save our state and country. Are you ready to play? You Bet Your Life I am. M.C. Cain, The Word Wizards

Virginia Mariposa

It is high time we made the political process truly transparent as the Obamas wish. We must scrutinize our legislators and how they vote. If they are swapping votes, we need to ferret them out and let the public know. This is reprehensible and undermining the very democracy we stand for!

Betty. Walton, M.D.

This habit of not reading what they are passing is a long standing behavior. And corporations, in the health care system, would not let the county supervisors even see the contract they were voting on to turn their county hospitals over to those jackals. They could not make copies!! So the other side of this bill should be that those writing laws, cannot withhold the bills that they are presenting and must provide copies well in advance to any discussions/votes so that the lawmakers will have plenty of time to read them. Thank you for your activism.

Cynthia Breatore

Thank you so much for helping us feel like we may be able to trust our local governments, and that our voices are heard!  Stop the funny business and lets start from right now if we must!  We desearve more...

Wanda Kurtcu

I am dismayed by what we are experiencing in California and the Nation. People voted Obama and Democrats into office to initiate change for the problems we are facing in our local communities and country. However, I see that the will of the people being overshadowed by the will of corporate interests. I appreciate your efforts to begin a 'grassroots' movement because this is what needs to happen to shake up Washington AND Sacramento.
Wanda Kurtcu, Educator

Jimmy Combs

While not a resident of California, I support this movement and believe it should be pursued in all 50 states. Knowing that tobacco is harmful, there were politicians who voted against the tobacco/FDA initiative, simply because those politicians receive huge sums of money from companies for their campaign war chests. If that were to cease, you would find "career" politicians leaving office before they become so old and senile that they have lost their sense of direction, (Do you hear me, Senator Byrd? Senator Kennedy? Senator McConnell?) Stop lobbying NOW, and enact TERM LIMITS now. No American should be able to camp out and monopolize our freedoms because they know how to appease the people who donate money to their campaigns and keep them in office until death. Politics should be a public service, not a career path.

Daniel Felzer

I endorse what you are proposing and I think you should add that any bill before the house or senate would be required to be posted on the internet 7 days before being voted on so the people of California have a chance to read it and respond to their representatives. Also they should be required to reference what section of the U.S. Constitution and CA Constitution allows the actions the bill proposes.
Many more to come, as time permits...

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