Honor in Office

Our Treasured Turf of Freedom

By Michael Cain

Publisher: Daily Catholic
Date: 18 June 09

With our country turning toward Marxism faster than you can say 'Groucho', it's time to get involved now or forever rue having any peace of mind, body, or even the soul. For that is what is at stake. Through a fast-growing grassroots movement, called the Honor In Office Act, we can turn a stifled garden into goodness for and by the people by weeding out dishonest politicians and special interest groups whose shell games, sneak attacks and hidden agendas have slithered through and become law, many times unjust ones at that, without our knowledge. This is tyranny, and we have but one last-gap effort to save our checks and balance system which is tilting so badly to the left right now. They are OUR representatives. They WORK FOR US. It's time we have some clout to hold them to account in returning decency and God to the equation.

In case you hadn't noticed, we are losing a friend who goes by the name of Freedom. With every passing day the stanchions of the state are being usurped by the termites of terror, an enemy within whose mask is manifested by the incompetence and misdirection at the Federal level.


Here in California, where we are this close to bankruptcy thanks to runaway spending and union demands, the far left manifesto of Sacramento being foisted on the faithful citizenry is to force sin on our children by preaching the glories of homosexuality. It prompts every decent Golden Stater to rally behind movements that will reinforce Christian family values. There are many laudable organizations that have weighed in, but only one that has proposed legislation that would hold our representatives accountable as well as separating the wheat from the chaff.

In the thrashing of the weeds, there is a grassroots movement organized by Jerrol LeBaron that offers the best solution possible and which is doable in mowing the legal lawn.

It is called the Honor in Office Act and it cuts through the clutter to lay out a landscaped plan that will return integrity and honesty to the political system. It is a vehicle for honest legislators to do their job as they were entrusted to do. All this Act asks is that those we elect do their job by reading and knowing what they are voting on. Is that asking too much?

This grassroots movement if enacted will drastically cut down on frivolous and dangerous bills being passed. By forcing every legislator to read the entireity of what they are voting on, it will shorten measures and bills, because after all if they have to read it, they're going to cut to the quick as fast as they can.

And cutting to the quick is what the Honor in Office Act will do. It will eliminate most special interest groups and cut costs sufficiently. Frivolous and dangerous laws will have a much harder time seeing the light of day because common sense will rule the roost. Special interest lobbyists will be curtailed because the citizenry is watching. Backrooms will be barred. This will enable those we elect as representatives to represent us as they should. They work for us. That is the crux of the bi-partisan Honor in Office Act. Be responsible or be removed.

You've heard of Weed-B-Gone? Well, it is time to apply "Gang Green" and weed out dishonest, corrupt politicians.

No, that does not have anything to do with gangrene, though the trauma of what is happening could cause such if we do not take the proper measures of precaution. And, no "Gang Green" has nothing to do with the eco-maniacal way the pie-in-the-sky idealistic liberals are pushing America towards socialism (or any other ism, you insert here), with hybrid-this and wind-powered that, all forced on us by the marionette czars and their puppets of the stand-for-less campaigns that weaken the backbone of our resolve by relying on those who epitomize the Peter Principle.

Rather, when I say "Gang Green," I refer to the fact that we gang up together on saving our hard earned dollars and not stand for being taxed if we have no representation. By "Gang Green" I refer to the healthy and verdant sedge, as in powering up the pasture of this grassroots movement to return to California, and eventually America as a whole, the honor and honesty necessary in carrying out our God-given duty to uphold "the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as the sine quo non of every citizen from the womb to the tomb.

The full article written by Michael Cain can be seen here.

Michael Cain has served as Executive Director of SANCTUS since 1990 and Editor of DailyCatholic.org since 1997. He can be reached at [email protected]

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