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From KEYE News/Channel 42

Our main point starts 20 seconds into this brief investigative report by Channel 42 News.

This video of the Texas legislature shows how bad it can get in our legislatures. Though the California legislature isn't quite this bad off, it is close and there is nothing effective in place to prevent it from occurring here or in the other states.

A factor in this is that legislators are not reading, understanding and performing a due diligence on the bills they do pass. Complex bills a hundred pages in length can get out of committee and passed minutes later, before any of the members of the legislature have had the opportunity to understand and properly analyze them.

Such tactics leave the door wide open to the insertion of pooly crafted, impractical, wasteful or self-serving laws.

We have to set some laws that protect us from them. The Honor In Office movement seeks to accomplish this by getting the Honor In Office Act passed in every state in the nation, starting with California.

The Honor In Office Act would require legislators to sign and swear under penalty of perjury that they have read the bill in its entirety and understood the contents before a vote in favor can be cast. This bill also requires under the same penalty that the legislator's vote was not improperly influenced. Without these statements in advance, a legislator's vote cannot be counted. The Honor In Office Act effectively prevents California's legislators from mirroring the conduct being permitted in the Texas legislature.

Our Members of Congress and Presidents are first lawmakers at the state level. This is where they adopt their bad habits and work ethic. If we can change their habits at the state level, then not only will we have improved government in each state, but some will carry this ethic to Washington. It also helps pave the way for Congress to pass a similar law to protect us from self-serving interests in Washington.

Legislators have and will complain that they couldn't possibly read or understand the laws they pass, as they are too long and complex. This is a sign that we need fresh blood in office. These legislators somehow don't know or have forgotten that they have full control over their schedules, over the rules they follow and over their lawmaking proecedural guidelines. It is within their power to change the rules so as to permit them to take the time to get the job done right.

Reading and researching the bills they pass don't appear to be a high priority for them, thus the need for Honor In Office.

"If they won't read it, WE don't need it."

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