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NEXT STEP: Our current focus is simply to get the word out at a grass roots level. Whether it is putting up posters, passing out flyers, standing at busy intersections with signs, or going to supermarkets to get petition signatures.

Current activities are on our Facebook page: .

In the near future we hope to begin some fun small marches in the LA area, culminating in a massive 250 mile march from New York City to DC.


As long as legislators make deals behind closed doors, can pass laws without having read and understood them or know the ramifications of passing such a law, and can vote on laws without providing advance notice to the citizens, our nation will always be in jeopardy and subject to political whims, pressures and special interests, rather than to the citizens.

No citizen, whether liberal or conservative, wants a poorly thought out law passed.

Proper due diligence on bills and transparency before-the-fact are key to having honest government of, by and for the people. At all levels of government, our politicians should know what they are passing into law. If they have nothing to hide and are truly proud of their work, they should have no problem showing us their handi-work well in advance of the final vote.

Both of the major parties need to step up and start doing a better job and that starts with requiring their candidates to independently study the problems the bills are supposed to solve, and seek input from the citizens they are supposed to be representing.


NO MORE adding hundreds of pages to a bill and passing it hours later.

NO MORE bundling bills the way investment firms bundle securities - one subject per bill.

When Congress is permitted to add hundreds of pages to any bill minutes or hours before the vote, corruption, poorly thought out laws and loopholes are inevitable. The rich and powerful get more rich and powerful, and the middle class and poor get poorer and more insignificant.

A bill should stand on its merit alone and not be lumped into other bills forcing members of Congress to vote for detrimental things they don't really support - and inversely vote against things they support, because of other unconscionable clauses in a bundled bill.


The American people should have at least 30 days to review the absolute final version of any bill or allocation of funds before the vote. We need to have enough time to respond, provide thoughtful input, and protect ourselves from self-serving interests and poorly thought out laws.


Fools on the Hill , our documentary about transparency and accountability has now been completed. It fairly covers what happens to citizens and our country when slipshod laws are passed by politicians who haven't done any kind of a due diligence. As a backdrop to this documentary and with some levity to keep things light, it follows the trials and tribulations of a person who attempts to get an initiative requiring transparency and accountability on the ballot.

To see our legislators in action, take a look at this youtube video

Fast forward through the first 30 seconds. Comparable misconduct occurs in every state in the nation, and in Congress. This is why we need Honor In Office.


Jerrol LeBaron

Executive Director
Executive Producer, Fools On The Hill


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Demand Transparency!

It is time for us to see whose fingers are in the pie BEFORE the vote.

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